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The key to the SweetDeels.Com Sweepstakes is that you have an opportunity to win on each entry, so enter as many times as you like. To win you must fill-in the questionnaire and answer the questions about the SweetDeels.Com Sweepstakes Ads correctly. So simply review and remember the SweetDeels.Com Sweepstakes Ads. That’s it! The answers are the Ads.

  1. The sweepstakes answers are in the advertisments on our website. So to win review the Sweet Deels.Com Ads and play. *Remember the promotional code, it's needed.
  2. Once you have the answers enter them in and click enter to play and you will be entered to win. If you have won or loss you will get an email. Play as many times as you like.


Play and Win

This week's SweetDeels.Com Sweepstakes WINNER  >>>>>  (No Winner) Week - 03. Remember to play weekly, get your coupons and let us know you want more sweet deals. By checking the box (yes) for our weekly digital digest. As you are filling out your sweepstakes entry form.

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