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As we continue to grow here at SweetDeels.com we have decided to add live content and more current events. If you are a PAID SweetDeels.Com member, with an active MEMBERSHIP, you will have access to our PPV Content, unless it's a "Premium Premier" show.  Stay tuned and check daily as things are moving daily.  Thanks to all our current and new to be members and subscribers!   THE COUNTDOWN - 50 Days

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DAS - Productions 

Love & Romance the Video Podcast

Take part in a creative group that teaches you how relationships evolve. Good, Bad, or Abusive, situations will be explored in a group setting. Call in and be a part of the group listening and giving advice.


They are beautiful, smart and fun. But can she cook? This will be the question as contestants cook and show their fashion styles in the kitchen.

Live Match

Find out the A - Z on the fastest growing sport from some of the E-Sports players and the contest happening live, daily, and monthly.  From the matches, key strategies, and team players learn how they do it at the Pro competitive E-Sports level.



New Content coming soon

 (New Live Events are on the way !!!) 

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